Signature STYLE - Masterclass by MYST

Hey MYST here, I'll share a big secret with you: 

You don't have to be the most skilled or talented producer to reach your musical ambitions. What you do need is a recognizable style that grabs attention and draws people into your world. 
You do this by using music, visuals and storytelling.

''Welcome to my style development BLUEPRINT.''

The fascinating part is that I still use these techniques to this day to reach even higher personal goals.

Highlights of the masterclass include:
> The ultimate style development guide (Music, visuals and storytelling)
> The stylistic approach to my albums (Prophecy, Alchemy, Trinity)
> Sound design (my approach)
> The stylistic approach to my music videos
> Developing signature sounds
> The stylistic approach to my artwork
> Story building
> What inspired me?
> The favorite hardstyle making process by MYST
> Essential branding techniques