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LEGACY - SPIRE Hardstyle Soundbank By MYST

LEGACY - SPIRE Hardstyle Soundbank By MYST

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LEGACY - SPIRE Hardstyle Soundbank By MYST

After receiving so many emails and dm's about a SPIRE soundbank, we're proud to announce the SPIRE Hardstyle soundbank by MYST!

This is the BIGGEST soundbank MYST has ever released. Containing 120+ presets!

The original MIDI files (Melody, Chords, Pads, Basslines) of 13 MYST tracks! Including: From The Ashes, Find My Way, Fire And Ice, Never Look Back, The Wickedest One and many more.

Take a deep dive in the project file of the video demo of MYST's most famous track Fire And Ice (video track) using SPIRE!

This pack contains:
127 MIND BLOWING Hardstyle SPIRE Presets by MYST
- 39 Leads
- 26 Screeches
- 41 Synths (Plucks, Pads, and more.)
- 11 Kick tools
- 10 FX

MIDI pack of 13 MYST tracks
- Melodies
- Pads
- Basslines
- Chords

- Last but not least: the FLP of the Fire And Ice remake (video track). Made with FL Studio, SPIRE, Stockplugins and OTT only!

''The best sounding synth out there is definitely SPIRE. To me it sounds identical to the legendary Virus TI (hardware synth). It's incredibly easy to make amazing leads, screeches and much more, that just sound thick and full, very fast!''


"This is my legacy, it's time to create yours."


More info on SPIRE:

*These presets work for SPIRE v1.1.8 and up!
*You can use a trial version to open the FLP. But a trial is trial of course ;)

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Signature STYLE - Masterclass by MYST

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