MYST - World Of Melodies (Masterclass)

MYST - World Of Melodies (Masterclass)

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Welcome to World Of Melodies!

In this masterclass MYST will show you everything he knows about making melodies. And will share all the methods he uses, to create any melody he wants.

You will witness the creation of several NEW melodies that he has made during the recording of this masterclass.

Do you get stuck making melodies often?
MYST: "In the past I got stuck very fast writing melodies and lost my flow and momentum while making my track. I wasted ALOT of time because that. Out of this experience I developed a rule set (The Golden Rules). And these rules changed everything for me. It made me able to be super effective in my melody writing and creative process!"

For melodies MYST demands perfection and nothing else. But perfection is partly subjective. That is why you need to know WHAT to be aware of when you make melodies yourself!

MYST: "The melody is the starting point and main element for your track. It decides if your track will be a hit or a miss."

A constant flow state
MYST: "I believe the music is already there and my methods focus on how to get it out! I simply show you exactly what made ME able to that and be in a constant flow state."

This masterclass is not focussed on music theory. MYST's ways of making music are practical and intuitive.

Subject highlights:
- The melody process.
- 7 Methods to create melodies.
- MYST will make several NEW melodies on the spot, improvised during the video!
- Mindset techniques to greatly improve workflow.
- How to develop your own style and sound.
And much more..

Length masterclass: 03:33:59

Language: English
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