LEGACY - Hardstyle Vocals By MYST

LEGACY - Hardstyle Vocals By MYST

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LEGACY - Hardstyle Vocals By MYST

700 new vocal samples especially designed for Hardstyle!

As you know, finding the right vocals for your track is a challenging process. After years of going through this process, MYST exactly knows what works and what doesn't.

A lot of times you only need just one great vocal for your track. That’s why MYST has focused on selecting vocals of the highest quality.

We proudly present to you Hardstyle Vocals by MYST.

This pack contains 700 new vocal samples, curated by MYST:
200 Full track hooks (Normal + Intense vocals)
- 200 Spoken word vocals (5 voices)
- 100 Drop hooks (short phrases)
- 77 Hype! vocals 
- 50 Drop words
- 50 Vocal chops

Metal vocal - Hardstyle construction Kit:
- Screams
- Clean/Singing vocals
- Grunts

Enjoy the pack!

All samples are delivered in high quality .wav format.

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