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MYST - Way Of The Warrior | Stems Pack

MYST - Way Of The Warrior | Stems Pack

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MYST - Way Of The Warrior | Stems Pack (+ MIDI)

Unlock the secret to the production process of MYST with the original audio stems of Way Of The Warrior! Unleash your full creative potential and gain a deeper understanding of the music production process with 41 audio stems.

This pack contains:
- 41 Audio stems (EVERY audio stem from my original project: Multiple lead stems, vocal stems and much more.).
14 MIDI files (Melodies, Chordlines, Basslines, Pads and more.)
- First look: Extended and radio versions of the track.

With individual stems for every instrument and sound, you'll be able to:

* Isolate specific sounds and instruments to better understand their role in the mix
* Analyze the production techniques used to create the track
* Gain valuable insights and knowledge that can be applied to your own productions

Don't miss out on this UNIQUE opportunity!

"This is my legacy, it's time to create yours.


These stems work with all DAWs!

1. Fill in your email when ordering! 
2. Make sure to check your spam folder when you have no mail in you inbox.
3. These audio stems are for research purposes only.
4. The stems combined might differ slightly from the original master.

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