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LEGACY - 500 NEW Hardstyle Kicks By MYST

LEGACY - 500 NEW Hardstyle Kicks By MYST

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LEGACY - 500 NEW Hardstyle Kicks By MYST

What would a battle look like if everyone had the same weapons to wield? Let's find out.

Welcome! This is the biggest hardstyle kick collection EVER released. 

During the summer, MYST has decided to come back to make more MYST music. Which is amazing news for everyone that is a MYST fan!

To start this new adventure, he has produced many, many hardstyle kicks (500) to work with for his new upcoming tracks. 

As a celebration he has decided to share ALL of these new kicks with you: the fans, the talents, the new and current masterminds. With the purpose for you to gain workflow, inspiration and loads of insight

This pack contains:
- 500 (!) NEW hardstyle kicks by MYST.

This is by far the biggest hardstyle kick sample pack EVER created. An absolute bomb. 

''MYST: I made the kicks in as much variations as I possibly could. While creating I just couldn't stop of excitement and ended up making 500 of them. These kicks are by far the best I've ever made.''

All sounds are carefully crafted to the well known standards of MYST.

"The legacy continues.. WITH YOU."



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