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Melody Improvement | Service by MYST

Melody Improvement | Service by MYST

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MYST will upgrade your melody to the highest standards

This is the service for you:
- If you don't know how to finish your melody. MYST will fix it!
- If you want to make your melody sound professional and complete.

Here's How It Works:
1. Send over your MIDI file with your melody.
2. MYST will fine-tune the notes and rhythms to breathe new life into your melody. 
3. In just 4 days (or less), MYST will send back your polished melody.

Feel free to request changes 2 times, MYST will make sure your melody matches your intent. 

The MIDI will be send back including:
- Melody
- Chords
- Bassline

Ready to give your melody a boost? Let's dive in and make it shine.

*Exact Instructions fill follow after purchase.

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